Saturday, July 11, 2009

Working Class Woes - Part 2

I am a firm believer that pregnancy is not a disability. I want to work during my pregnancy and I want to be treated fairly not just by my job but also by my healthcare provider.

I called my the midwife on call for my practice today because I had pain and contractions last night while at work. I've been trying all morning to decide if I should go to work. Truthfully, I can't afford to miss work. Missing work tonight is literally the difference between being able to afford groceries or not this month. With this being the case, I didn't want to make this decision lightly. I expected when I called that they would say I wasn't in labor and I should probably keep a close eye on the situation but that there was no reason to stay home tonight.

Instead this is more how it went.

"Six contraction in 2 hours isn't labor. Your probably just tired and dehydrated. Lots of women work while their pregnant and I can't put you out of work. (I never asked her to). Midwives and other women work they just sit down more often and stay hydrated (she never asked how much water I was drinking)."

I explained to her that sitting down wasn't an option for me as a waitress on a busy Friday or Saturday night.

Her response: "Well then that's just a decision you have to make because pregnancy isn't a medical condition. You need to drink a few big glasses of water and then you'll know how you'll feel later. If you have regular contraction call back."

I understand that I just wanted to be sure before I went to work that I wasn't doing anything wrong or that would cause a problem.